Parro's Gun Shop

Parro's Gun Shop

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20,000 SF




New Construction


Waterbury, Vermont

Parro’s Gun Shop (PGSR) is a state-of-the-art indoor shooting range and firearms store. It is the first indoor shooting range in Vermont and offers ten 25-yard shooting lanes with sliding targets operated from the firing line. PGSR proudly promotes safety and education within the firearm community. A spacious conference room allows for classes for the law enforcement community as well as new hunters and first-time firearm owners.

The indoor shooting range is encased in 16’ tall concrete walls with a concrete roof deck. Ballistic doors and windows provide controlled, supervised access into the range. The ballistic windows behind the shooting line provide a unique viewing prospective when the lanes are in use. Addressing noise reduction and air sealing within the range was a critical focus of the project. The range equipment was provided by a specialty vendor and installed on site by our work crew. Steel baffles suspended from the roof and a bullet catchment system ensure the safety of all range users. In addition, HEPA filtration and negative air systems were installed to remove lead dust from the air within the range.

The interior of this new facility features architectural details including reclaimed barnboard on accent walls, exposed wood form decking supports, and concrete mezzanine slabs. Outside, the main entrance uses reclaimed timbers from the Owner’s original store. Reclaimed barnboard siding, a timber framed porch, and three large cupolas also add to the rustic look of the exterior.

In addition to paying close attention to the building’s systems and finishes, our work also focused on the project’s environmental impact. The site contains large stormwater retention basins used to contain runoff and prevent it from draining into the Winooski River located adjacent to the site. The riparian buffer was improved increasing the stability of the adjacent riverbank.